Fleet Space Technologies Boosts Leadership Team with New CMO Appointment as it sets its sights on growth

“Chloe has already made an immense contribution to our company. A genuine space enthusiast, she inspires her team with her passion, determination and multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving. The challenges facing the space and mining industries require a diverse range of skills and expertise: Chloe’s exceptional breadth of knowledge and experience, together with her international outlook and connections, make her an incredibly valuable addition to our senior leadership team. As our CMO, Chloe will be instrumental in driving our company forward. She’s also a fantastic role model for women in the space sector, with a real desire to encourage and support women in the industry. We’re very much looking forward to working with her in her new role.”  

Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO and Co-Founder, of Fleet Space Technologies 

Fleet Space Technologies is thrilled to welcome Chloe Leclerc as its new Chief Marketing Officer.

Chloe moved to Australia from France and then joined Fleet Space as Head of Marketing & Commercial Strategy in October 2021. In her former role, Chloe led various campaigns to promote Fleet Space and the Australian space sector on a global scale, such as “We are Explorers” or “New Frontiers” campaigns. In her new CMO position, she continues to build Fleet’s global marketing strategy within the wider context of Australia’s burgeoning space sector. The launch of Fleet’s new product, ExoSphere, targeting the critical minerals industry, resulted in more than 25 new customers across the world within the first 12 months globally.

Chloé was born and educated in France, earning a Master’s degree in International Business & Marketing at KEDGE Business School in Marseille. She began her space career as Marketing & Strategy Manager at AIRBUS in Beijing, Paris and Toulouse before moving to European spaceflight services company Telespazio France as Head of Marketing.

Chloe is already an established figure in the industry. A Finalist in the Aviation/Aerospace Australia Awards ‘Outstanding Next Generation Professional’ in 2022, she’s appeared in a University of Queensland webinar entitled ‘Women Leading Exploration’ talking about space technology revolutionising mineral exploration, and a LinkedIn event highlighting Top Australian Start-Ups. A passionate advocate for women in the industry, she is actively involved in a Women in Aerospace Mentorship programme, sharing her knowledge and experience and encouraging women to pursue careers in space; she has also featured in Space Australia’s ‘Women of the Australian Space Community’ initiative.

Chloe Leclerc says: “I’ve always promised myself that I would do something that has an impact, and working at Fleet provides me with that opportunity. As a company that is committed to tackling one of the world’s most pressing challenges, the energy transition, Fleet is contributing to a global shift towards sustainable energy solutions. With the opportunities that Fleet presents, I am excited to help shape the future of the company and contribute to a more sustainable world.

“Space is all about people and their shared passion and inspiration. I’ve shaped my leadership approach based on the leaders I’ve been inspired by in my career. I believe in leading by example and giving people the freedom, support and guidance they need to foster their creativity and innovation.”

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