Honduras addresses air traffic growth with a surveillance system provided by Deimos

The Central American FIR (Flight Information Region) covers more than 2.6 million square kilometres and is one of the largest in the Central American and Caribbean region. COCESNA, the organisation in charge of providing air navigation services for its member states in Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua), has commissioned Deimos to install and configure a Frequentis ADS-B solution to increase the capacity of Palmerola International Airport, which also includes a Quadrant station. Highly flexible, Quadrant can easily and quickly scale up and down to meet requirements, from a single remote ADS-B deployment to nationwide Wide Area Multilateration (WAM).

This new surveillance system will enhance not only the capacity but also safety at the airport, which opened in December 2021, near Comayagua, in central Honduras. ‘The installation of this type of systems imply unique requirements demanding specific and high technical knowledge,’ says Ignacio Isabel, head of Aeronautics and Maritime at Deimos. ‘The operation has been completed in just 3 months, which affirms our capability as a supplier of critical systems for civil aviation.´

The international airport is designed for 1.5 million passengers per year and the planned cargo facility will greatly benefit the country. “The new airport project is one of the major initiatives taken by the government for more efficient airspace and infrastructure development. With Quadrant, we are pleased that Elecnor Deimos and Frequentis Comsoft are supporting Honduran aviation safety to achieve these ambitious goals,” says Gerardo Rivera, Executive Director of the Honduran Civil Aviation Agency.

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