ReliaSat Acquires Arralis

ReliaSat Acquires Arralis

Arralis Technologies acquired by ReliaSat.

ReliaSat Limited, an employee-owned wholly UK enterprise has agreed the acquisition of Arralis Technologies, formerly a Hong Kong owned manufacturer of market leading millimetre wave communications technology including satellite transceivers, sub-system modules, monolithic microwave integrated circuits and phased array antennas for an undisclosed fee.

As part of the acquisition, ReliaSat has purchased all of Arralis Technologies’ European intellectual property and manufacturing facilities, with the business also rebranding to ReliaSat. Arralis Space (USA), based in Daytona Beach, Florida will also be rebranded to ReliaSat with the current ownership of Emilie Schmitz and Mike Gleaves remaining unchanged.
ReliaSat, founded by former Arralis Technologies CEO Mike Gleaves, are refocusing to specialise in the high growth market for Ka-band high data rate satellites, targeting present and future low-earth orbit constellations. In addition, ReliaSat will design and manufacture space antennas from S-band to Q/V-band, flat beam steering antennas and ground-based transceiver systems.

“We believe that our new company and a refocused business strategy will help ReliaSat better connect with our customers and partners, positioning us for greater success in the years ahead,” added Mike Gleaves. “We are excited to build a legacy of innovation and excellence as we expand our business in the UK and global satellite communications sector.”

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