Your responsibilities

  • Development of user application and SDK for controlling our satellite platform.
  • Development of internal test framework and test cases for satellite platform product assurance.
  • Writing documentation, user manuals, test reports.
  • Communicating with our partners and providing technical support.
  • Executing advanced PA procedures (e.g., TVAC testing for space industry).


  • Strong C++ and Python knowledge.
  • Experience with Qt framework, MQTT protocol and serial communication over USB.
  • Excellent software engineering skills and Git SCM.
  • Good level of English for speaking and technical writing.

Beneficial knowledge and experience

  • Completed higher technical education.
  • Good high-level programming language skills.
  • Experience with embedded software development.
  • Knowledge of CAN and LVDS communication protocols.
  • High level of proactivity and detailed and precise working style.
  • Teamwork, good communicative skills and goal-oriented.
  • Enjoyment in learning and continuous professional and personnel development.

Please send your detailed job application by email to:

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