Inovor Technologies Wins European Space Agency Machine Learning Competition

Inovor Technologies congratulates its machine learning experts Kenny See and Toby Lightheart on winning the European Space Agency (ESA) Ops-Sat Machine Learning Competition

This challenge saw Team Inovor competing from July to October, coming out the winners amongst a field of 41 teams. The competition required participants to build and train a machine learning model to perform image classification of land patches that had been captured using ESA’s OPS-SAT spacecraft. The objective was to accurately classify regions such as snow, cloud, natural, river, mountain, water, agricultural, ice, etc with no prior knowledge about the regions.

This is a great demonstration of Inovor Technologies’ capabilities that are being incorporated onboard its Skyris satellites for “smart” Earth imaging to help deliver customers’ needs across applications like bushfire detection, maritime surveillance and AgTech.

About Inovor Technologies

Inovor Technologies is a leading space and Defence technology company based at Lot Fourteen in Adelaide, South Australia. The company provides turnkey spacecraft mission delivery services, as well as specialist engineering services in the electronic warfare domain.

Inovor Technologies provides turnkey spacecraft design and development service for customers using our inhouse developed satellite buses. It is also developing two of its own missions; Hyperion is a space-based Space Domain Awareness mission; and Skyris is a “smart” Earth imaging mission.