A Global 100+ Employee Team

When you’re a young, fast-growing company like us, every year seems to bring a landmark moment: that’s a big part of what makes it so exciting. Since 2015, we’ve enjoyed a succession of technological, commercial and geographical ‘firsts’, all of which have had a huge impact on our business and the industry as a whole. And in 2022, we’ve reached what feels like a significant milestone: we’re now employing more than 100 people.

Fleet Space began in 2015 as a telecommunications company providing services to different industries across Australia. We realised that there was potential to build a more developed, innovative technology that not only helps conquer global challenges but provides impactful, innovative solutions. We have grown from a team of two to a globally distributed team of more than 100. Not to mention, our team makes up 29 nationalities.

Although that still places us firmly in the small to medium-sized enterprise category – you need over 250 people to be considered a ‘large’ business – it suddenly feels as though we’re not a small start-up any more. Having 100+ people on the payroll makes us a substantial, established organisation, with serious capabilities and influence. And we’re also now a truly global company: those 100+ people are distributed across three sites in Australia – our Adelaide HQ, plus our business offices in Melbourne and Brisbane – and new offices in the US, Canada and Chile.

That said, we’re still very much like a start-up in two crucial respects. The first is that our headcount has grown extremely rapidly, in line with the massive acceleration in commercial applications for our ExoSphere technology. On 1 January 2022, we employed just 47 people. By 1 June, that number had risen to 60. At the end of November, we’d reached 101 – an increase of 115% over the year, and 68% in the previous five months alone. Our new hires this year also include key new appointments to our senior team. For the first time, we now have a Chief Revenue Officer and a Chief Product Officer, as well as a Director of Planetary Geophysics.

The second is that we’re still small enough to be extremely agile, diverse and responsive – and as an independent business, rather than part of a large corporation, taking on our own destiny. The opportunities are out there, and we’re already making huge strides in turning our technology into commercially viable solutions for our customers. We’ve always had the ideas, the energy, the ambition and the courage: now we’ve got the human resources to make Fleet Space reach its ultimate goal of connecting the Earth, Moon and Mars.

What’s so fantastic is that as our recent brand film, We Are Explorers, so vividly demonstrates, that every one of those 100+ people shares our vision and passion. It’s an enormous pleasure and privilege to have a team of people who come to work because they want to, and are always excited about what they’re going to be doing today. That incredible attitude is something we’re determined to foster and hold on to, however big our company eventually becomes.