KSAT Expands Capacity With declaring a New Antenna Operational in Maspalomas (ES)

The Spanish Public Research Organisation National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA) will host the antenna at their ground station in Maspalomas, Canary Islands. The grand opening includes one antenna, but in the future KSAT plans to add more.

The antenna at this ground station is also the first of the KSAT next-generation virtualized architecture, capable of serving customers of both KSATmax and KSATlite.

The antenna addition is exciting as it is a new site and a new latitude for KSAT.

 “We are very happy to add particularly this antenna to this ground station as it represents an increase of our capabilities in so many ways. The new antenna enables us to provide even better service offering to our customers.”

Amund Nylund, Chief Operation Officer (COO) at KSAT says. 

Source: KSAT


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