ATG Europe Opens ATG Science & Engineering in Spain

In response to the extensive growth of demand and business in Spain, this new subsidiary will serve to support the company’s activities in the fields of Space and Energy programs, with its remarkable Customers base such as the European Space Agency (ESA) in Madrid and Fusion4Energy in Barcelona and local partners.  

This decision is driven by the constant development of our contributions to the space and energy sectors, ATG has adopted an ambitious development strategy for Europe, and particularly for Spain’s innovative market.    

Gian Carlo Coletta, CEO of ATG Europe said:

ATG Science and Engineering S.L. is part of a broader expansion plan for ATG Europe. We seek to think globally but act locally in order to better assist and serve our Customers and Employee, whilst maintaining an international mindset.” 

ATG Europe seeks to be a trusted partner of strategic organizations as it employs over 380 specialists worldwide. The opening of ATG Science and Engineering S.L. strengthens the company’s already strong presence across Europe. 

Source: ATG Europe

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