CompPair Collaborates With ArianeGroup To Reduce Environmental Impact With Reusable Vehicles

CompPair Technologies joins the ArianeGroup consortium to define the 2025-2050 technology and demonstrators roadmaps for the European Space Agency (ESA) reusable space vehicles. This work is part of the New European Space Transportation Solutions (NESTS) framework and specifically for the Post Themis Reusability ITT.

Courtesy of CompPair

CompPair’s technology is a ground-breaking innovation in the field of self-healing composites reducing maintenance costs, manufacturing defects while extending the lifetime of composites. The result of 12 years of research at EPFL in Switzerland, CompPair’s first product line, HealTechTM, is a new type of prepreg giving composite the ability to heal matrix cracks and delamination in a few minutes and be better recycled. Made with HealTechTM, composite structures can be repaired on site as the parts stay structural during healing and recuperate 100% of initial properties after healing.

CompPair’s products are a perfect fit with the reusable launch system trend, offering the possibility to reduce composite repair time from hours to one minute, enabling faster launcher turnover and cost reduction with a long lasting, fast, and cheap repair keeping the fibres’ integrity. Those benefits can directly impact the production and use phases of composite parts, from outstanding machinability to ultra-efficient maintenance, enabling costs efficiency at different levels. Developing healable composites in line with the industry requirements is CompPair’s core knowledge. The work with ArianeGroup will enable CompPair to align its technological roadmap with the future of space!

With this work, CompPair and ArianeGroup contribute to NESTS’ aim to reduce environmental impact of the space industry with reusable vehicles. The CompPair healing process can emit 129 times less CO2 than standard composite repair and reduce material consumption.

CompPair’s vision is to bring full circularity to the composites industry, and collaborating with ArianeGroup, a world leader in access to space, is an honor and start of a new era for CompPair after joining the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Switzerland in 2020.

Courtesy of CompPair

Source: CompPair

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