WARPSPACE Signs With GXO, Inc. for Strategic Market Support in the US

WARPSPACE signed a strategic consulting agreement with GXO, Inc. With this agreement, WARPSPACE will accelerate its entry into the U.S. market, the center of the space industry, aiming to become the global leader for optical inter-satellite link services.

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Mandy Vaughn, CEO of GXO, said,

“We are thrilled to be working with WARPSPACE. This next-generation capability will drive innovation and enhance applications in both government and commercial satellite networks. WARPSPACE’s novel communications architecture has the potential to accelerate the economic development of space.”

Satoru Tsunemachi, CEO of WARPSPACE, said,

“We are honored to be working with Mandy and her team, who have been at the center of the U.S. space industry and have deep knowledge and great energy.”

WARPSPACE is developing “WarpHub InterSat”, an optical inter-satellite link service for satellites orbiting in low earth orbit (400-600 km). Three relay satellites capable of optical communication are launched into Medium Earth Orbit, and data sent from the satellites in Low Earth Orbit relayed down to ground stations.

By making a full-scale entry into the U.S. with the support of GXO, WARPSPACE aims to take the global leadership in optical communications for satellites and contribute to the development of the international space industry, including the U.S.

“In addition to the potential of WARPSPACE’s technology, GXO is also pleased to support this innovative international collaboration. WARPSPACE demonstrates how the US and its allies can collaborate on space ventures that benefit both commercial and government programs,”

Mandy says.

Satoru Tsunemachi adds that

“As represented by Silicon Valley, the U.S. has always been a key location for global business, creating international economic dynamism and producing many of the world’s leading companies. The space industry is no different. Together with the GXO, WARPSPACE will strive to be a leader in optical communications in space.”


WARPSPACE Inc. was founded in August 2016 as a startup after satellite development project at University of Tsukuba, Japan. We shall develop “WarpHub InterSat”, which is an inter-satellite optical communication service. This system is satellite constellation consists of three small relay satellites on MEO. Through this system, WARPSPACE shall fundamentally eliminate the bottleneck of communication infrastructure for LEO satellites. This system enables LEO satellite operators to communicate with their satellites at any time, anywhere.

WARPSPACE shall contribute to the Earth economy by completing this mission and accelerating the earth observation industry, and seeking for the members who would like to create the future together.


Courtesy of WARPSPACE

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