Space Inventor to Undertake Edison In-Orbit Mission

As part of the ESA Pioneer programme Space Inventor is undertaking the Edison In-Orbit demonstration mission. The CubeSat will serve as a payload hosting platform for paying customers to obtain flight heritage for new satellite avionics and technologies.

The satellite payload hosting capacity is equivalent to 3 Cubesat units and can host any number of payloads that can be accommodated within that volume.

The mission and payload operations ground-software allows for the customers to access the downlinked data from the payload. The software also provides the opportunity for the customers to allocate time slots for their own payload operations, which allows for secure and efficient scheduling in order to optimize utilization.

Space Inventor holds responsibility for spacecraft design, spacecraft AIT, customer payload integration, launch, LEOP and operation of payload in-flight validation.

Overview of the Edison IOD Mission

  •  Spacecraft Size: 6U
  •  Target launch date: Q4 2023
  •   Target orbit: 500-550 km, sun synchronous orbit
  •  Lifetime: 7 months of payload operation following Launch and Early Operations.
  •  Ground station location: Denmark –

Overview of the payload opportunity offered:

  •  Available volume: 3U
  •   Available mass: 3.5 kg
  •  Nominal power: 5-10 W depending on the final solar panel configuration
  •  Available TT&C: Link for command and data download. Download volume is negotiable
  • Operational lifetime extension: An extension of the lifetime stated above is negotiable.