Synchrocube, a high-flying French space project

The Synchrocube project aims to provide a complementary solution to navigation systems (GNSS: GALILEO; GPS) in order to provide synchronization functions when GNSS navigation signals are unusable. Synchrocube is part of the French space recovery plan. The main goal is to test this service, using a first satellite placed in low orbit.

Syrlinks is at the initiative of this innovative offer and will provide both the payload and the ground receiver necessary to provide this service. Synchrocube brings together several innovative technologies within a single 6U nanosatellite platform. U-Space, ANYWAVES, COMAT and Syrlinks, 4 French companies specializing in NewSpace are joining forces to promote their respective skills around this project.

Synchrocube relies on a consortium of French space industry players

U-Space, as supplier of the nanosatellite platform, has a key role in this in-orbit demonstration project. ANYWAVES and COMAT are also partners in the project, each contributing their own innovative technologies. By pooling their technologies, the companies in this consortium demonstrate their ability to provide effective and competitive solutions to respond to ambitious space programs.

Synchrocube is a unique project with great potential

Today, the digital economy requires increasingly complex systems with more and more data exchanges. Synchrocube is part of this evolution by meeting the synchronization needs of telecommunication networks, energy, intelligent transport and finance by providing a precise and secure time reference.

“Synchrocube represents a major evolution for Syrlinks. The implementation of a project as sizeable as this opens up new commercial prospects for the company. Syrlinks, initially known as a satellite subsystem manufacturer, is on its way to becoming a service provider”

explains Guy RICHARD, Syrlinks CEO.

“Being part of the Synchrocube project is very rewarding for ANYWAVES. First, because it allows us to act for our industry in the frame of the “France Relance” program. Then because this will give us the opportunity to take a new technological challenge and to propose world-class state of the art antennas. Finally , this development and this collaboration are perfectly aligned with ANYWAVES’ ambition : becoming the leader of miniature antennas for satellites constellations”

comments Dr. Nicolas CAPET, ANYWAVES CEO.

About Syrlinks

Syrlinks, is a French company, founded in 2011 near Rennes. The company designs and delivers worldwide RF communication products to address four market segments: Space, Defense, Safety and Time-frequency.

The company which today consists of more than 175 people has successfully delivered more than 1000 Flight models for Space, which represents more than 800 years of on-orbit time with 100% reliability!

The Space business unit has developed four product ranges: TT&C, Telemetry Transmitters, GNSS and SDR Payload. This meets different market segments in terms of satellite integration (Nano/Cubesat, Micro and Mini satellites) and in terms of applications such as Earth Observation, Satcom, GNSS Services, LEO PNT, Spectrum monitoring, etc.

Syrlinks masters the design of reliable product based on COTS (Components-Off-the Shelf) components, enabling cost-reduction for New Space.

Its products have been used in many high-profile space missions such as Rosetta, Myriades/Myriadesevolutions, Proba-V, OneWeb Satellites, PléïadesNeo, Argos Neo, Microscope, etc. Syrlinks works with prestigious clients and partners worldwide such as Airbus, OneWeb Satellites, the CNES (the French national agency for space studies), the European Space Agency (ESA), Thales Alenia Space, Hemeria, OHB, Qinetic, etc.

Courtesy of Syrlinks

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