The ASI’s 13-Year Observations: The Second Catalog of AGILE-MCAL GRBs

The ASI's 13-Year Observations: The Second Catalog of AGILE-MCAL GRBs

We are thrilled to announce the publication of “The Second AGILE MCAL Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog: 13 yr of Observations” in the Astrophysical Journal: A. Ursi et al., ApJ 925 (2022).

This latest catalog showcases the findings of a comprehensive search and analysis of Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) detected by the Astrorivelatore Gamma ad Immagini LEggero (AGILE) MiniCALorimeter (MCAL) in the energy range of 0.4–100 MeV over a period of 13 years, from November 2007 to November 2020. The MCAL GRB sample comprises 503 bursts triggered by MCAL, with 394 fully detected onboard with high time resolution. The sample is made up of approximately 44% short GRBs and 56% long GRBs.

The AGILE MCAL GRB sample primarily consists of hard-spectrum GRBs, with a significant proportion of short-duration events. The details of the MCAL bursts can be utilized to conduct joint broad-band analysis with other missions and offer insights into the high-energy component of the prompt emission in the tens of mega electron volt energy range.

An interactive web table of the 2nd AGILE MCAL GRB Catalog is also available online at the ASI Space Science Data Center (SSDC). The interactive webpage provides access to supplementary AGILE data products, including GRB MCAL lightcurves over four different timescales, hardness ratios, AGILE ratemeters lightcurves, and T50 and T90 lightcurve estimates.

For each event, the available supplementary data products can be viewed using the SSDC “GRB Explorer” tool.