TOmCAT delivery to TNO

Recently we delivered and installed the TOmCAT Hybrid Digital Processor at TNO in Delft. This is a key part of the end-to-end data communications system capable of transmitting and receiving data at 26 Gbits/s via a laser communications system.
TOmCAT will be used this summer to perform a multi-km test across the Netherlands with our systems used at both ends of the link for all of the digital processing.

About TOmCAT

The TOmCAT project is a part of the ESA ARTES Programme Line ScyLight and is aiming to develop a ground station with high data rate laser link able to communicate with the next generation of Very High Throughput Satellites.

Celestia STS will be responsible for the design and development of Digital Processor which will be a key component of a final product for TOmCAT Systems. The Digital Processor fulfils the role that is analogous to that of a Modem in conventional RF ground station providing a link between the user data on one side and the signal for an antenna on the other. It will pass information across an Optical communications link and perform sampling of user data, processing/formatting as necessary, reception, correction and extraction/reconstruction of the user data.

The project is implemented by a larger consortium composed of the leading Dutch and International aerospace companies: TNO, Airbus Defense & Space Netherlands, FSO Instruments, Hittech Multin (NL), Celestia STS (NL), MPB Communications (CA), Airbus DS SAS (FR), Eutelsat (FR) and SES (LU).