ASI: Erebus – A Post Title

ASI: Erebus - A Post Title

On December 8th, 2021, PRISMA captured an image of the Erebus volcano on Ross Island in Antarctica using short-wave infrared (SWIR) processing. This volcano is the southernmost active one on Earth. The reddish hues in the image indicate areas with higher reflection or emission in bands of the electromagnetic spectrum that are closer to the thermal infrared. The hot volcanic caldera can be seen in the lower, southern part of the picture. Additionally, the SWIR trace of the volcano’s flanks exposed to direct sunlight (north and northeast) differs from those exposed to shadow (south and southwest), even without ice cover in both cases. The full frame image in jpg format can be downloaded. Gabriele Impresario generated this data/information under an ASI License to Use for the Italian Space Agency. The original PRISMA product is copyrighted by ASI (2021), and all rights are reserved.