Syrlinks presents its new generation of Satellite S-Band Transceiver: the EWC15-NG

Syrlinks, a leading company in the design of RF Communication systems for Space releases the EWC15-NG Transceiver product.

EWC15-NG comes as a new generation of Syrlinks’ transceivers to implement high-performance Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C) service. Its hardware design is based and inherits from the renewal of EWC15 & EWC15-C Syrlinks products, that have been used over the last decade in key space projects such as ROSETTA, DEEP IMPACT, PARASOL, MICROSCOPE, etc.

“We are very proud to release this new generation of high-performance S-Band Transceiver, twenty-five years after the design of the first generation that has been successfully used in several renown space missions”

says Eric PINSON, Director of Space activity at Syrlinks.

The EWC15-NG has been specially designed to achieve top-class performances in terms of Tx/Rx communication links (fully CCSDS compliant), low power consumption and radiation tolerance. Its very compact and optimized form factor and its built-in DC-DC converter will contribute to the global satellite integration optimization and address natively any implementation within Mini or Micro-satellites.

“One of the key challenges has been the hardware cost optimization while keeping the high level of performances of the product as well as maximizing the protection against radiation. It is a great awareness of Syrlinks’ team capability and know-how in the design of NewSpace products”,

adds Eric.

The EWC15-NG design belongs “New Space II” Syrlinks product category. This Product Assurance subclass perfectly meets the requirements of Microsatellite missions, targeting a typical 7 year lifetime at Low Earth Orbit with a Total Ionized radiation Dose of 16 krad.


About Syrlinks

Syrlinks, is a French company, founded in 2011 near Rennes. The company designs and delivers worldwide RF communication products to address four market segments: Space, Defense, Safety and Time-frequency.

The company which today consists of more than 175 people has successfully delivered more than 1000 Flight models for Space, which represents more than 800 years of on-orbit time with 100% reliability.

The Space business unit has developed four product ranges: TT&C, Telemetry Transmitters, GNSS and SDR Payload. This meets different market segments in terms of satellite integration (Nano/Cubesat, Micro and Mini satellites) and in terms of applications such as Earth Observation, Satcom, GNSS Services, LEO PNT, Spectrum monitoring, etc. Syrlinks masters the design of reliable products based on COTS (Components-Off-the Shelf) components, enabling cost-reduction for New Space.

Its products have been used in many high-profile space missions such as Rosetta, Myriades/Myriades-evolutions, Proba-V, OneWeb Satellites, Pléïades-Neo, Argos Neo, Microscope, etc. Syrlinks works with prestigious clients and partners worldwide such as Airbus, OneWeb Satellites, the CNES (the French national agency for space studies), the European Space Agency (ESA), Thales Alenia Space, Hemeria, OHB, Qinetic, etc.

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