“The Profound Influence of ASI on the Space Economy: Findings from a Recent Collaborative Study by ASI and the University of Milan”

“The Socio-Economic Impact of Public Policies in the Space Sector in Italy”, a three-year research study conducted by ASI and the Department of Economy, Management, and Quantitative Methods at the University of Milan. The study aims to assess the economic performance, innovative activity, and scientific productivity of the national space sector, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of public intervention and highlight areas for improvement.

The study focuses on several key stakeholders in the national space systems, including companies involved in upstream technologies and the value chain, companies and organizations in the field of Earth observation, and the scientific community engaged in space research. By analyzing data from these stakeholders, the research provides insights into the impact of public policies on the space sector.

The research methodology includes a direct survey of 305 key witnesses from the three stakeholder groups, as well as an econometric analysis of historical data from 1990 to 2020. This dual approach ensures the reliability and comparability of the results.

ASI’s goal is to enhance the design skills and expertise of the national industrial network, promote scientific and technological research, and improve the competitiveness of the industry. The study serves as a control and feedback mechanism to support these objectives, particularly in the dynamic field of space economy. The report summarizes the findings of the research, providing valuable insights for future policy decisions and investments in the space sector.