There Is A Lot Of SPACE In Italy

Italy launches a dedicated US promotional campaign during SpaceCom Expo 2022, Orlando.

On January 10th – 12th, 2022, the Houston Office of the Italian Trade Agency will be at the SpaceCom Expo (Orlando, FL) as a global sponsor with one of the largest expositions after NASA. The ITA, in association with the Italian Space Agency (ASI), will showcase some of the leading Italian companies in the field of aerospace at Booth 314.

To foster the image of Italy as a country of innovative excellence, the ITA will launch a promotional campaign that will be unveiled on January the 11th “live” from the exceptional stage of SpaceCom Expo.  Entitled “There is a lot of space in Italy“, the campaign is designed to highlight the leading role of the Italian aerospace industry in the world, raising its recognition among US aerospace operators.

The Italian Aerospace Industry plays a strong role in both the national and international economy. Space is one of the high-tech sectors in which Italy holds a global leadership position, ranking fourth in Europe and seventh worldwide. Space and aerospace activities carried out in Italy generate 13 billion euros in revenues and employ more than 64,000 people. Italy belongs to the exclusive club of spacefaring nations in the world that have a complete supply chain and a full range of expertise in the field. With an exceptionally articulated industrial value chain, the Italian Space Industry offers virtually everything: large System Integrators and large companies specializing in complex system integration, about 200 small and medium-sized companies engaged in upstream and downstream activities, start-ups able to innovate and stay ahead of new technology trends. Italy’s public-private collection of 12 Technology Clusters have also helped propel the country’s presence on the world stage of aerospace.

SpaceCom Expo will be the first of a four event-attendance projects developed in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in the USA to spread the message that… “There’s a lot of Space in Italy”! An Italian national pavilion will be also present at the following US aerospace events: Space Symposium (Colorado Springs, CO), ADSS (Seattle, WA) and Space Tech (Long Beach, CA).

These are the 2022 exhibiting companies at SpaceCom: AltecConnex Italiana, Davi-Promau, Nurjanatech, and Roboze.

 For more information visit Italy at Spacecom Official Page or contact to connect with the Italian Space Community at SpaceCom during the two-days event.