WARPSPACE will accelerate the development of the data relay satellite, which consists of the world’s first optical inter-satellite communication service in the commercial sector, named “WarpHub InterSat”.

The goal is to solve the bottleneck of telecommunication using optical link. WARPSPACE shall provide the LEO satellite operators with optical communication service: “We assure real time communication. Downlink the data whenever you want, wherever you are.”

Unlock the Potential of Satellite Data by Utilizing the Optical Network

We provide the earth observation satellite operators with optical inter-satellite communication service. Once they install the optical terminal on their satellites, they can downlink the earth observation data to the ground at any time. We provide the LEO sat operators with our optical terminal at the developing phase. After launch, earth observation satellites can send the data to our relay satellites, orbiting MEO.

Via our relay satellites, user satellites can downlink the data anytime, anywhere. Moreover, we can help with reducing the cost of arranging the radio frequency which takes 5 years to finish the whole process in the worst case scenario.

Inefficiency of network between Ground Station and LEO satellites

Currently, the communication infrastructure to downlink a huge amount of satellite data is insufficient. Since a large number of LEO satellites are orbiting near the Earth at high speed, the conventional way of direct communication between LEO satellites and ground stations is a serious bottleneck. Additionally, the applying procedure for using a specific radio frequency to downlink from satellites to the ground is a huge burden for LEO satellite operators. On top of that, the available frequency bands are running out as more and more satellites enter orbit these days.

Hirokazu Mori, CSO at WARPSPACE, said:

“We’re planning to launch three satellites into MEO with the aim to offer almost real-time communication with the LEO satellites of our clients. One of the problems of LEO satellites alone is, indeed, that your communication window per orbit is quite small, you might have to wait several hours to get your satellite data. Thanks to our constellation, instead, we can theoretically achieve real-time data downlink with 24/7 coverage, and we have several dedicated ground stations contracted around the globe for this purpose,”

and he added:

“In this new space era, LEO satellite owners want to download the data more than they did in the past and they want to downlink data in real-time to satisfy users’ needs. Using our solution, every client can send their on-orbit data to our satellites in MEO via optical link, which is more powerful than RF, and right now we estimate that we could actually communicate at a speed of 1 Gbps, but we’re trying to reach 10 to 100 Gbps for the near future.”

What is your vision about the future?

“We’re going to launch three satellites, our first-generation, within 2024. At that time, depending on clients’ demand, we’re planning to launch from three to six satellites more. Moreover, following Artemis program, we expect to offer our optical link for cislunar communication and beyond…”


WARPSPACE Inc. was founded in August 2016 as a startup after satellite development project at University of Tsukuba, Japan. We shall develop “WarpHub InterSat”, which is an inter-satellite optical communication service. This system is satellite constellation consists of three small relay satellites on MEO. Through this system, WARPSPACE shall fundamentally eliminate the bottleneck of communication infrastructure for LEO satellites. This system enables LEO satellite operators to communicate with their satellites at any time, anywhere.

WARPSPACE shall contribute to the Earth economy by completing this mission and accelerating the earth observation industry, and seeking for the members who would like to create the future together.


Courtesy of WARPSPACE