PrimaLuceLab presents INTREPID 500XS at the SPACE TECH EXPO EUROPE: the affordable ground station antenna system for satellite communication

PrimaLuceLab presents the brand new INTREPID 500XS, the new generation and high performance 5,0 meter diameter ground station antenna system for satellite communication. Thanks to affordable price, low maintenance, and autonomous operation, now science institutes, space agencies and ground station services have the solution to create fast and reliable support to spacecrafts.

INTREPID 500XS ground station antenna system uses a 5,0 meter diameter solid dish antenna with a very high surface precision that allows to record frequencies up to 12 GHz. This ground station antenna system comes with the giant weatherproof GS-800 antenna rotator for a high precision pointing and tracking of satellites in the sky, remotely controlled and that allows very fast slew speeds (up to 12°/sec).

Main features:
  • 5 meter diameter full dish antenna
  • Dual band coaxial X/S feed, dual circular left and right polarisation
  • High speed (up to 12°/s) GS-800 antenna tracking system
  • High load capacity C800-HEAVY pier for concrete base
  • Automatic tracking based on TLE, also with target offset
  • Automatic heating system of internal gears to avoid problems in very low temperature conditions
  • Gears sealed with humidity sensor
  • Optional optical encoders and maintenance kit
  • Provided with developer documentation to integrate in Mission Control softwares
INTREPID 500XS comes with GS-800 antenna tracking system with maximum slewing speed of 12°/sec.

The INTREPID 500XS radio telescope uses the professional GS-800 antenna tracking system that we have specially designed and built to move the large 5 meter diameter full dish with great speed (up to 12°/sec) and precision, in order to track even fast moving satellites in low Earth orbit. GS-800 antenna tracking system has 800 Kg load capacity with very high precision pointing and tracking (encoders with a read resolution of 0,0003°). It can also be equipped with a special electronic security system (optional) which “parks” the antenna pointed at the Zenith (the vertical position) when the wind exceeds 75 Km/h, offering the lowest resistance to the wind.

About PrimaLuceLab:

PrimaLuceLab SpA is the Italian SME founded in 2013 to bring to innovative solutions for remote Space exploration. With a brilliant staff of engineers, designers and expert users, PrimaLuceLab is able to create affordable observatory stations with optical and radio telescopes and simplify remote space exploration. Our observatory stations are designed for several applications: Remote Satellite Imaging, Space Situational Awareness (SSA), Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST), Scientific research & education, Solar Activity Monitoring, Satellite Communication, Photometry, Spectroscopy and more. We offer worldwide shipping, installation and training services with a dedicated team that assist you in your remote space exploration. Today, PrimaLuceLab is recognized around the world for its contributions to making sky observation accessible and affordable.


Courtesy of PrimaLuceLab