Coloured Etna with PRISMA

In this Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) elaboration fused with some visible light channels (corresponding to red, green & blue bands, i.e. RGB) of a L2D product, the Etna volcano (Sicily, Italy) is imaged by PRISMA on July 13th 2021, close to an eruptive phase that started some 24h later.

Reddest zones indicate higher reflection (and/or emission) detected at the longest wavelength channels of SWIR, closer to thermal infrared compared to the other channels corresponding to green and blue.

The brighter the red, the more reflection (and/or emission) has been detected in that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, it is possible to identify some hotspots.

Data/Information generated by Gabriele Impresario – Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, under an ASI License to Use; Original PRISMA Product – © ASI – (2021). All rights reserved.

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