NPC SPACEMIND to Unveil New CubeSat Deployers Family At SpaceTech Expo

NPC SPACEMIND announces SMPOD, the new family of CubeSat deployers ranging from 3U to 16U, derived from the experience in nanosatellite missions.

Designed to provide outstanding quality and performance, with features such as, maximum handling flexibility that allows the mechanism reset and rearming in a few seconds, SMPOD aims to shift the paradigm in commercial space sector ensuring reduced lead times and strong economic competitiveness.

“The principle predicate behind the development of this family of dispensers was the idea to support with a competitive lead time all the customers in need.
Delivering a top notch quality with some innovations, the SMPOD deployers operates with non-explosive actuators paired up with a dynamic rail that prevents the exit of the CubeSat until reaches a safe angle.
In addition to that the design itself allows a fast loading procedure with mechanical reset and the possibility to intervene on the CubeSat even if it’s already been loaded up.
One feature that we deemed important was the mass, a crucial aspect that impacts flight costs, in order to face that all our SMPODs are characterized by a lightweight design.”

said Davide RastelliR&D Technical Manager @NPC Spacemind.

“The SMPOD family comes at the right time and fits perfectly with the current scenario where the majority of launch providers are looking to diversify their options portfolio offering a reliable system with unprecedented delivery time and competitive costs.
This is achieved thanks to the application of industrial methodologies and optimization of production batches combined with a modular design architecture.”

said Niccolò Bellini, Project Manager @NPC Spacemind.

About NPC Spacemind

NPC Spacemind is the aerospace division of N.P.C. New Production Concept S.r.l. company, operating in New Space Economy with a focus on outstanding flexibility and amazingly short lead time. The aim is to offer complete solutions for nanosatellites, CubeSat and space related applications.

The company has a portfolio of nanosatellite products including structures, deployers, power management systems, solar panels and deployable deorbiting devices and is experienced in nanosatellites platform design, manufacturing and integration, mission design and development.

NPC Spacemind has been operating in the space sector for more than 10 years, with an active involvement in several satellite missions, as platform integrator and AIT responsible and is capable of providing vertical solutions  thanks to a consolidated network of partners and suppliers.