Telstar announces a new compact thermal vacuum chamber for testing cubesats

  • The new cube shaped TVAC3 will be launched by Telstar at Space Tech Expo Europe

Terrassa (Barcelona) 2021, November 3rd.  Telstar has developed TVAC3 (W124.5cm x H197.4cm x D81.8cm), a compact version of a cube shaped Thermal Vacuum Chamber designed to test cubesat satellites and small satellites components. Offering a reduced footprint, TVAC3 is a cleanroom compatible solution, easy to install, providing full access to the technical area of the equipment for accessible maintenance. An ergonomic solution that responds efficiently to the growing demand of cubesat testing from the NewSpace sector.

Telstar TVAC3 Thermal Vacuum Chamber

Taking up minimal bench space, this compact Thermal Vacuum Chamber is designed to recreate the vacuum and temperature conditions that CubeSats will experience in space, combining high vacuum with temperatures varying from extreme heat to extreme cold in very short time. TVAC3 offers a usable optimized volume within the chamber (W49 x H61.2 X D52.9 cm) with temperature control from -60 to +80°C. TVAC3 high performance pumping system can reach a vacuum down to 10-6 mbar.

Designed in a cubic shape, TVAC3 optimizes space offering a plate dimension of 33.8 x 45 cm to accommodate CubeSats and other space hardware inside the chamber.

A PLC-based control system enables complete control of process parameters, manual, semi-automatic & automatic (recipes) operation modes and monitoring of control channels (vacuum, fluid temperature, etc.).

TVAC3 offers a cost effective standard thermal vacuum system, and it is available with short delivery times. By introducing this new solution, Telstar responds efficiently to the growing demand of cubesat testing from the NewSpace sector. The satellite industry provides leading-edge solutions for communication, navigation, remote sensing, surveillance, and earth observation. Operating in the hazards of space, satellites are subject to the most challenging technological standards and requirements.

Telstar TVAC3 will be launched at Space Tech Expo Europe (Bremen 2021, 16-18th November). Booth K50.

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Courtesy of Telstar