Sputnix Company Presented a New Nanosatellite Platform at the Main World Space Event

SPUTNIX, part of the SITRONICS Group, presented its developments at the world’s largest International Space Congress IAC 2021, which is taking place in Dubai.

The company showcased the new SXC6 nanosatellite platform for Earth observation, and projects in aerospace education. The company’s exposition is located at the booth of the Roscosmos State Corporation.

The SXC6 nano-satellite platform is a set of on-board service systems and structural elements intended for the development of small satellites in the CubeSat 6U format. On the basis of the SXC6 platform, a modern ultra-compact Earth remote sensing satellite “OrbiCraft-Zorkiy” has been created – a new model of the company’s CubeSat systems. It has a compact 6U form factor (10x20x30 cm) and weighs only 8.5 kg. At the same time, the device carries an experimental camera for remote sensing of the Earth with a high resolution – up to 6 meters per pixel.

“Exhibition visitors noted our new SXC6 platform with a very advanced technical level of the solution by world standards. We also talked about the results of satellite missions using a new nanosatellite model, and solutions for aerospace education. The OrbiCraft-Pro SXC3 CubeSat platforms and the Pallada microsatellite platform, which can be used for various applied and scientific purposes in near-earth orbits, also aroused interest,”

said Vladislav Ivanenko, General Director of SPUTNIX.

“The invitation of SPUTNIX to participate in such a significant world event in the space industry already confirms the level of attention to the developments of a private Russian company both from Russia, and from the international market. We see great potential in the development of this line of business. A large number of promising innovative projects are associated with the active use of Earth remote sensing and space observation data. The company’s goal is to implement projects both in our country and for foreign customers,”

said Alexey Katkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SITRONICS Group, managing partner of Sistema PJSFC.

The International Space Congress IAC 2021 is the largest space event in the world in terms of scale and attendance. For the first time, it is held in the UAE. IAC 2021 is supported by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), the International Institute of Space Law (IISL) and the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC).