LiveEO wins Planet Purpose Award

For the first time ever, Satellite Operator Planet gave out their Purpose Award. It is awarded to selected customers to celebrate companies that are leading the way in the respective categories that align with Planet’s core values. LiveEO won the Award in the category “Be Collaborative”.

The Be Collaborative Award is meant to showcase how groups and partnerships can collaborate to do something that each individual could not accomplish alone. In his award speech, Planet’s VP Global Customer Success, Mike Merit, acknowledged LiveEO’s constructive feedback to improve their SkySat product.

“The first commercial contract we signed with a satellite operator in our founding year 2018 was with Planet. The reason for this was the market-leading position in enabling scalable access to the data via API in combination with great coverage of PlanetScope imagery. Nowadays, we are also innovating together fully automated products based on SkySat tasking. Together, we are going where no one has gone before.”

LiveEO’s Co-Founder Daniel Seidel commented on the award and the partnership with Planet.

“We are super happy to have won the award because it reflects our spirit to develop our solution in close collaboration with our partners and customers alike to bring the most value to the market!”

About LiveEO

LiveEO is bringing Earth Observation to enterprise customers starting in the infrastructure sector. LiveEO utilizes satellite technology to monitor large infrastructure networks globally and empowers the operators to save operational expenses by observing dangers from external threats. By using AI the start-up is generating overviews of thousands of kilometers for decisions on the management level as well as information for the worker on the ground via a front-end and mobile app. LiveEO’s goal is to monitor every major infrastructure grid until 2025. The company has around 50 employees and has offices in Berlin, Germany, and New York, USA.

About Planet

Planet is the leading provider of global, daily satellite imagery and insights. Planet is driven by a mission to image all of Earth’s landmass every day, and make global change visible, accessible, and actionable. Founded in 2010 by three NASA scientists, Planet designs, builds, and operates the largest fleet of imaging satellites, as well as online software, tools and analytics needed to deliver data to users. Decision makers in business, government, and within organizations use Planet’s data and machine learning-powered analytics to develop new technologies, drive revenue, power research, and make informed, timely decisions to solve our world’s toughest challenges.

Courtesy of LiveEO

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