UARX Space Selects Dawn Aerospace Propulsion for its OTV OSSIE Mission

In-space propulsion systems are equipped with thrusters (small rocket motors) that form part of the satellite itself. They allow satellites to manoeuvre in space after their initial boost onto orbit. Thrusters serve several functions; they can perform corrective manoeuvres if a satellite has been delivered to an incorrect orbit, they can orientate a satellite, can be used for collision avoidance, and can carry a satellite further afield, for example, to a higher orbit or on a mission to the Moon or another planet.

“We are excited to be selected as UARX space’s propulsion partner,” said Jeroen Wink, Co-founder at Dawn Aerospace. “This is just the start of what we aim to be a very long and productive relationship. We’re looking forward to the future with UARX!” 

OSSIE is scheduled to launch in early 2023, following an initial demonstration mission slated for 2022. Other named parties to the project include DLR, the German Aerospace Center, who signed a cooperation agreement with UARX last February.


About UARX Space

UARX Space is a Spanish company developing in-space transportation services from Low Earth Orbit, to the Moon, and beyond. UARX founders are California Polytechnic State University alumni, the worldwide known “home of the CubeSats”. In addition, the UARX Space Team is formed by experienced aerospace professionals with a background in designing geostationary satellites, scientific Earth observation missions, and payload instruments for deep space. Their expertise includes critical onboard software, structural analysis, thermal analysis, project management, systems engineering, assembly, integration, and testing, among others. The company is headquartered in NigrĂ¡n, Spain, with an office in Mar del Plata, Argentina.