Cosine Expands Facilities

cosine is currently working on a significant expansion of its cleanroom facilities in a second building right next to its current location. This extension is required for the development of the advanced X-ray optics for the future X-ray telescope ATHENA of the European Space Agency, as well as the development, assembly, verification and testing of the HyperScout series of miniaturized Earth observation instruments suitable for nanosatellites.

The ATHENA mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) is scheduled for launch in 2033 and will include a novel type of X-ray mirrors. These mirrors allow the launching of a telescope with a very large optic into space. This is important, because X-rays cannot be observed from the ground due to absorption by Earth’s atmosphere.

The production of these X-ray optics is unique in the world and requires a challenging process using high-tech equipment and procedures. The expansion of the cleanroom facilities will allow cosine to complete the development of these processes in preparation for the large scale production needed for the ATHENA mission.

The new building, next to our current premises, will also host the extended assembly, integration and testing facilities for the HyperScout instruments. These instruments are so small that they can be flown on nanosatellites, yet so powerful that they can detect crops, fires, drought, algae, clouds and much more, and even analyze images on board using artificial intelligence. Several different versions of HyperScout are currently in space and can be purchased from cosine. The new facilities will enable us to serve all customers of existing and newly developed instruments.

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