Milestone in Hungarian space industry – Large satellite solution of C3S

C3S LLC is developing DCDC converter for large satellite electronics. Beside its ongoing smallsat projects, within the framework of ESA HU-IIS project, the company proves its reliability and relevance as a subcontractor in the large satellite supplier chain.

Recently, in its large satellite demonstration project, C3S successfully closed PDR phase of customizable DCDC converter planning of ESA’s Hungarian Incentive Scheme (HU-IIS) proposal. The project is proceeding on the basis of the spacecraft requirements of a C3S customer, a determining European space company. The objective is to develop a HiRel component-based space unit to be utilized in large satellites.

The product under development is a marketable solution for customized feed-end requirements of large satellite electronics. C3S engineer team first examined options from feed-end frequency change to thermal and radiance optimization. The precursory electronic and mechanical planning has been accomplished, the arrangement of breadboard manufacturing has come about, and circuit simulations, as well as simulations necessary for radiance and thermal analyses has taken place.

Regarding the PDR phase, both the customer and experts from ESA appreciated the advancement and the quality of the work. They emphasized that they were reassured by the competence and attitude of C3S. In their feedback, the customer also highlighted the approach toward manufacturing and the elaborateness of component selection preparation, which is critical in large satellite projects.

HU-IIS – available for Hungarian space industry actors and space research organizations – largely founds the project of C3S. ESA created this proposal form for new member states to allow them to work-off their possible handicaps vis-à-vis the previous accession countries and it’s last round takes place these days.   Since 2015, the purpose of this New Member State transition phase is to allow Hungarian actors to gain experience and to participate in European space projects increasingly, in proportion to the contribution related to Hungary’s membership.