South Australia to launch Australian-first satellite mission

Inovor Technologies will be a major partner in South Australia’s first satellite mission to space.

Artist impression of SASAT1. Credit: Alex Preist, Inovor Technologies

The SASAT1 Space Services Mission was announced by the Premier of South Australia, the Hon Steven Marshall MP, at Lot Fourteen on Wednesday.

Inovor Technologies will design and build the 6-unit Apogee satellite bus that will be launched into orbit in 2022, carrying with it the bold ambitions outlined in the South Australian Growth State: Space Sector Plan 2020-2030.

Once in orbit, the IoT and Earth observation payloads onboard the satellite will provide valuable intelligence across South Australia’s vast landscape which can be used for a range of applications including emergency service and disaster management response, mining, and environmental purposes.

Inovor Technologies founder and CEO Dr Matthew Tetlow said: “We are incredibly excited to share the journey of SASAT1 Space Services Mission with the people of South Australia; our hope is that the whole state will rally behind it.

“The Mission will demonstrate why space is important to the South Australian community and how information from space can be used to improve our lives on Earth.

“It is also helping to build a space ecosystem that will support the creation of more high-tech careers into the future for young South Australians.

“The South Australian Government is to be congratulated for turning words into action and supporting the local space sector.

“Our team is pleased to be working with Myriota and the Smart Sat CRC which are two great space success stories.

“The SASAT1 Space Services Mission will create new jobs, boost supply chain investment and, hopefully, inspire the people of South Australia.”

Inovor Technologies will design, build, and test the satellite, and deliver it to the launch service provider.

About Inovor Technologies

Inovor Technologies is a wholly Australian owned and operated space and defence technologies company in Adelaide, South Australia.

We are leaders in small satellite technologies, electronic warfare, and research and development. Inovor Technologies is the only provider of Australian satellite technologies built using an Australian supply chain.

Inovor Technologies’ unique range of Australian small satellite buses are called ‘Apogee’.

With complete control of all hardware and software, the Apogee satellite bus provides unparalleled flexibility, security, and mission assurance.

Apogee satellite buses provide the power, pointing, mission control, telemetry systems and high data rate communication all integrated into a lightweight modular structure.

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