New ESA Project MilliWave

MilliWave Artist View

LSS has been awarded the project MillIWave (Millimeter-Wave Deployable Antenna for Small Satellites). The objective of the project is to develop and demonstrate deployable reflector antennas for CubeSat applications for operation at W-band (50-300 GHz) in the range of 0.5-1 m in diameter.

The development of a folding antenna reflector operating at such high frequencies, much above the capabilities of any current state-of-the-art deployable antenna system, is an exceptional challenge. This challenge will be addressed by heavily relying on LSS expertise in advanced FlexRS®-I RF surface materials, its state-of-the art OriFlex® Origami Folding methodology and its innovative deployable structure architectures.

The MilliWave project is funded by the European Space Agency, with Large Space Structures GmbH as the prime contractor and responsible for the conception, design, manufacturing and testing of the deployable reflector antenna assembly.

Large Space Structures GmbH (LSS) is a company based near Munich, Germany, founded in 2012 as a spin-off of the Technical University of Munich where its staff had been working on deployable reflectors and advanced composite membranes for more than two decades. It inherited from its academic background a very strong R&D philosophy, still developing break-through materials and technologies in partnership with various institutional, industrial and academic institutions from 0.5 m to >12 m reflectors and from P to W-band.